About Me

Hello! My name is Nancy Vasquez, I love to draw and read. What I expect in my future is opening an art business and a gaming channel, they are both different, but I love both of these because these two express my life. Art express my life because each drawing would rather have a meaning or random drawing I have in my mind and put it in a paper. Gaming expresses a lot in my life because my emotions are everywhere, especially with my brothers and cousins. It’s rather fun or full of rage.

I have a son, Sebby. He’s a cat and been 3 years since I had him. He makes my day by knowing when I need a hug or wanting to hug someone. Even he is old in cat years, he is still a baby when he wants to go outside, more food, wanting attention. Sebby bites and scratches a lot, it leaves scars in my arm, but I still love him and keeps me at peace.