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Little People/Big World

Botanical Lay Flat Series

Abstract Photography

Social Media Trends

  1. Show Your Audience Your “Reel” Brand Personality with Instagram Reels or Tiktok: It gives each generation content attention. It work on anyone brands because TikTok is now what people use everyday, it depends on which side people are interested in more.
  2. Make New Friends, But Keep The Old: Don’t Leave Long-Form Video Out: Developing quality videos and live streams that entertain, educate, inspire or benefit your audience.
  3. Stories Capabilities Are Not Only Here to Stay, They’re Growing: Great for sharing casual updates, personable content and authentic, humorous or “imperfect” content. Each stories is like a drama to tell around the area, if creating story-like video around the social media, this will help.
  4. Replace Face-to-Face Time with Screen-to-Screen Time: Social Platforms met 2020’s challenges with major leaps in event hosting, promotion and engagement.
  5. Make eCommerce Even Easier: Social Media Becoming a One-Stop Shop: Consumer are no longer having to exit social media app to make a purchase as the checkout process has been streamlined to occur directly within the social platform.
  6. When It Comes to Content Strategy, Knowledge is Power: Building upon 2020’s momentum, informative posts, such as step-by-step guides.
  7. Just Because You Can Go Text-Heavy on Facebook, Doesn’t Mean You Should: Social Experts and designs unanimously agree: ads with larger, bolder copy that deliver the hard-hitting facts first grab usurers’ initial attention most effectively.
  8. Keep What’s Behind the Brand and Behind the Screen at the Forefront: People: Both B2B and B2C companies can benefit from showing their audiences the faces behind, whether it’s by signing off with the name of a responder in customer service inquiries.

Broad Museum Collection

This reminds me of a professional street art like Banksy. Don’t know why the title is called that but the roses with the dirty red that doesn’t look complete seems perfect for me. I notices that it’s flowers on top, but once you go down the flowers seem to scramble.

Pop Art Series of 4

Photography Job Hunting on Indeed

Studio Assistant – Prop Stylist: Creates art, passion about it, creating photography and showing off to the store. This new job seems simple, but due to the requirements it’s more then being passionate about art and do the work. The requires have to involve to whole store like you are the manager and involves cleaning up the entire store. The cleaning is not my passion, but if it’s worth it in the end then I’ll accept to do this store.

Public and Private Self Portrait

Artist: Expectation vs Reality

Review of 2 articles on Canon Lens Experience

Reviewing the celebrity photography and from all the class meetings, I haven’t heard one and luckily there was articles about it. Jeremy Cowart who’ve been doing for years, but for him it wasn’t exactly the first thing that he wanted to do. There was another man, Cole Walliser who does slow mo photos to get every beauty from the celebrity from the galas, red carpet, Grammy, etc. He meets every celebrity and it always surprises me that he does that for a living and if I did that type of photography my mind would’ve been blown out before meeting them. Walliser is who I’ve seen for awhile now and with his photos although the doesn’t say much about which equipment he uses, rather he brags a bit about how it feels to be in that position, but it’s not that easy. Cowart favorite lens is the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM and this happened during the photography and not before. Before he talked about the lenses and how he was a beginner of using it all, yet he continued to do his work and just learn as he keeps going. Sadly photography is just a hobby, but with art he really helped me to continue to learn as I’m doing the work.

Make a Landscape Photo Look Like an Oil Painting

100 Most Influential List

This photo hurt me really badly with not only the poor girl, but the whole world and we do not know if this is happening right now. The details and the story is horrifying and the girl having her parents blood all over the floor and in her hands is a nightmare to see her parents being killed. I remember seeing a movie that had the same scene, and the mother and her son went suicidal but sadly they both died. It can be true they were doing the same thing, but the girl didn’t know what was actually happening. It might be false and what they were trying to do it escaping the nightmare and be a family in other land where they can be smiling and have no fear of people raging into their houses and start shooting.


Sandy work is very creative because the way she’s sculpted her structure is very fascinating like this picture with the cats. I love how the green is mixing well with the gray and you can see the front are the brightest while the ones in the back gotten darker due to the view. I enjoy her work and for some reason I see all the cats being handmade with paper, like those project we use to do to make a piñata.
There’s A Monster Inside My Closet


This image I don’t know why but I see two faces. Kandinsky art work seems far away to the story he’s trying to tell and I feel like that is the point of the story. It is hard to reach or describe what it’s all about. But this one is my favorite because of the faces but everything looked like it was made out of chalk and a bit of paint.

Rule of Third

Shallow Depth of Field

Logo Design

(Nancy Eyes)

Good Composition

Read and Reflect

Being a photographer is a good career because with that you can explore more that have a meaning. It helps other that there is more then just a picture, more like a memory. If you’re feeling inspired, bored, or just experimental, you can always pick your camera up and start playing. There can be picture for the fun of it, pictures that have a deep meaning that cannot be described, picture that are inspiring to others. Photography is like art that can be described in different ways, that either be good or bad, but have love for it because that emotion that is build inside of it. It works wonders for stress relief, and many aspects of it can be rather therapeutic. It is true that photography is work and work can be quiet tiring, but photography relives stress because you are looking at things that feel calm and insane that your mind.

Travel Poster

B&H Photography Shopping Spree

As a start, the camera I would choose is the Canon EOS 6D mark because is had the large 3.0″ 1.04m-dot vari-angle LCD monitor is available for bright, vivid image playback and live view shooting, and its touchscreen interface features an anti-smudge design and can be used for intuitive touch-to-focus control and adjusting settings in the menus. With also an optical viewfinder offers approximately 98% coverage of the frame and has a magnification of 0.71x. Seems perfect for an landscape with animals and beautiful nature. With the lens I think it would be best with a 24-105mm f/ 3.5-5.6 lens for close up shots like birds, small reptiles. It is hard to come natural with animals so I was also thinking a mini tripod so then the camera will be ready for a perfect shot and my arms wouldn’t be easily tired.

Toy Photography

“Get ready…”

Tin Type

“Dear Nancy,”
For this portrait I went in Snapseed because they have an edit on vintage frames and I wanted this one to look like an old, burned in the edges, that type of photo and I’ve changed the colors a bit from this warm orange, but decided to keep it black and white. With also blurred around the face.

Silver List: Alanna Airitam & Daniel Rampulla

Airitam photography is quiet silent I would say. The surroundings in the photos are always dark and I feel like she is trying to keep the surrounding unimportant and always focus on the subject. My favorite ones are the flowers, sadly she only had three on them but all have great shadows inside the subjects rather around it and that’s something I do not see everyday. Her website is well organize with the photos, but she put them in each folder which it would’ve been better if it’s one folder for all since her contacts and info are smaller to see where we can find her.
I want to start off with the website and Rampulla website was confusing because at first I didn’t understand where to see the photos but figuring it out took awhile other then that his photos are mysterious and I love them because they are black and white. The info are way below that needed to be scrolled down since the photos are important. I would rather see the infor first to know the photography and later see the photos. I seen all and they are smooth and perfectly clean.

Social Issue Poster

Shadow Series of 4

Read & Reflect: Why is Photography so Important

Photography is for everyone and it does not matter if you are young old, beginner or professional, it matter if someone live if having fun and wanted to explore more of their hobbies. Nowadays, people are photographing more and more and this could be a chance to find new people to talk and with and enjoy the hobby you guys have in common. Having photos in your phone is boring, I feel like it is like taking a selfie and that can be old. I feel like having a camera in your hands, it’ll feel different and feel adventurous to see more things in your eyes and take a photo of it. Even the photos can speak, but it does not speak as a language, but the photo itself, there can be many meanings in people perspective and we want them to self their opinion that they see and feel good about it because people don’t see one, but all.